About Us

"We all have different stories but as to whether we'd like to share our story is another story."  - E. Lamptey 
Indigenous House is a lifestyle brand that was created by Emmanuel Lamptey, a Ghanaian creative, to promote African culture across and beyond the borders of the continent. He had the idea in 2012 and with funding from his mum, he registered it as a Limited Company in Ghana with the name "I Hate Fashion" (IHF) - a controversial name which was intended to be metaphoric. This was in January 2013. At the time, the main products were ties, pocket squares, bow ties, waist sashes and graduation stoles (all made with kente) which were sourced directly from local kente weavers in Ghana.
Being a big lover of art and craft, he gathered ideas and inspiration from things of African origin, which led him to rebrand and come up with a name that sounds more appealing in 2019. Now registered in the UK, the brand seeks to collaborate with people of African decent that want to share indigenous experiences.




 We worked with LogoCentric during our rebranding process; to be part of our journey, by designing our logo using their igniting narrative approach - one which depicts the real attributes of the Indigenous House brand - we thought it is only right to share the concept behind the logo so everyone from any part of the world understands every detail and meaning behind it.