Churchill Gowns are really excited to be partnering with Indigenous House to offer customised kente cloth stoles to UK university students.
The wearing of academic dress at graduation, whether that be a cap and gown or a kente stole, is an important honouring of a centuries old tradition. For many students the kente cloth stole is an important part of their heritage and, by wearing one to graduation alongside their gown, they are honouring their own roots as well as the traditions of their universities. We hope that the stoles will appeal to students from all backgrounds as they make for a really personal memento of their academic achievements and can be customised with their university name, year of graduation and initials. Not to mention the fact that they look fantastic when worn alongside our gowns!


We were especially eager for Indigenous House to supply the stoles to our customers because they are a brand that truly reflect our own values. Churchill Gowns prides itself on being a company that makes every effort to offer products that are ethically produced and sustainable.Every graduation gown we make is produced entirely from recycled plastic waste and we participate in carbon offsetting schemes to ensure our business operates carbon neutral. When we first met with Indigenous House we realised these were values they share and we were really impressed with the work they have done to offer employment to craftsmen in Ghana and help to keep the traditional weaving methods alive. What’s more all of Indigenous House’s products are produced from sustainable materials, making them a perfect accompaniment to our sustainable graduation gowns!
Universities in the UK are under increasing pressure to make students from all backgrounds feel welcome and included, especially in the wake of student-led campaigns such as ‘Rhodes Must Fall’. The wearing of kente stoles at graduation symbolises the fact that a world class education should be open to all and should embrace different perspectives, histories and cultures from around the world.